Toronto Blue Jays Fan Gets Insanely Accurate Joey Bautista Bat Flip Tattoo

Reasonable reaction to the famous home-run/bat flip.

Yesterday the Blue Jays' Joey Bautista had a home-run that'll be talked about for years, and a bat flip that'll be talked about forever. It was an iconic moment for a franchise that hasn't had an iconic moment in, like, 22 seasons. So, seizing a rare opportunity...we guess, a diehard fan/crazy person/mix of the two got a tattoo to forever commemorate it. We'd advise you to wait, say, more than 24 hours before getting something like this permanently etched on your back. But at least it was accurate. Compare the pic above with the one below and tell us this tattoo artist doesn't know what he's doing:

[via Scoot Scoot Mason Instagram]

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