J. Cole and Spike Lee Show Their Support for Colin Kaepernick in a Big Way

J. Cole and Spike Lee are putting their full support behind Colin Kaepernick.

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In case his actual Instagram post doesn't make it clear, Spike Lee did not set up an upcoming rally, but he did make sure to hype the protest on his IG and Twitter accounts. The protest we're referring to will take place two weeks from tomorrow, on Aug. 23, outside the NFL's NYC headquarters on Park Avenue, and will be on behalf of free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

"I Did Not Organize And Set Up This Protest," Lee wrote in his IG caption. "However I Still Support My Brother And His Stance On The Injustices In These United States Of America."

Lee's post came on a day where there were a number of news stories revolving around Kaepernick (though, frankly, when is there not?) including a report that said Kaepernick has not turned down any NFL contract offers this offseason. The reason there had to be a denial for that is because, earlier, a report from The Daily Caller claimed the 29-year-old signal caller had rejected a contract because he wants to stir up a media frenzy in an effort to land a more lucrative contract.

Kaepernick's camp called that charge a "bold faced lie." An additional source from within Kaepernick's inner circle told TMZ, "Colin never had any talks about any contract or any money" with an NFL squad.

Furthermore, J. Cole continued to show support for the frequently debated QB during a stop in Baltimore during his 4 Your Eyez Only Tour. The Ravens released a statement last week saying their owner wasn't resistant to sign Kaepernick. Apparently not everyone bought into that denial.

"Matter of fact, don’t y’all think that someone that got money, power and fame should be standing up for them type of shit?" Cole asked the crowd during the show. "Baltimore, the shit that’s happening here, don’t you think that somebody should risk their whole livelihood and their whole life to talk about this shit? Even if it cost them their money, their job, their life? Don’t that sound like Colin Kaepernick? Don’t that sound like what he doing? And he trying to come to Baltimore, the city that seems to need that shit for real.”

Kaepernick replied to that address on his Twitter:

Go to https://t.co/ekwT7ogsvQ to purchase your merchandise. All proceeds go to fund @yourrightscamp #KnowYourRightsCamp pic.twitter.com/JbhWJLCaSa

Guess now that preseason is here, we'll see what happens once the injuries start racking up.

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