Drake Called Out for Wearing Kentucky Gear During University of Texas Visit

Drake got called out by University of Texas basketball players and fans for wearing Kentucky gear during a recent visit.

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Drake and Future's "Summer Sixteen" Tour kicked off in Austin, Texas on Tuesday night, but before taking the stage at the Frank Erwin Center, Drake was treated to a tour of the University of Texas' basketball facilities. He met players from both the men's and women's basketball teams, and he did it while wearing...Kentucky gear?!

That's right. Drake—who is obviously known for being a bit of a gigantic bandwagon fan when it comes to sports—did the exact opposite of what you would expect him to do at Texas by staying loyal to UK and wearing a Kentucky shirt with matching shorts. The women's team was the first to see him stroll through the facility, and one of the players on the team called him out for doing it:

Totally normal occurrence with @Drake on the 40 Acres.

Props to @TexasWBB for keeping it 💯. pic.twitter.com/U3XxJqgEsY

The men's team appreciated Drake coming through, but they were quick to point out Drake's outfit of choice, too:

My mans drake came thru and showed us some love... The UK gear gotta go tho 😒😂😂 pic.twitter.com/4Zr03C8c0s

And while the Texas teams let Drake off fairly easy, UT fans weren't as kind. Upon seeing Drake walking around their school's campus with another school's gear on, more than a few fans jumped on social media to call Drake out for repping Big Blue Nation during his UT visit:

I wouldn't be offended with Drake wearing Kentucky gear to Texas if he wasn't such a bandwagoner with everyone else! #EmbraceTheBurntOrange

Drake wearing Kentucky gear while at UT is the most Drake thing ever.

The most Drake thing ever? Yeah, that sounds about right. But hey, Texas fans, it could have been worse. At least he wasn't wearing Oklahoma gear, right?

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