A Brief Timeline of Carmelo and La La Anthony's Strained Marriage

Looking into Carmelo and La La Anthony's strained marriage over the years.


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If you check the internet with any regularity, you're probably aware that Carmelo and La La Anthony have separated, which is the type of thing that can happen if your wife thinks you got another woman pregnant. While, if true, this would appear to be the worst thing the couple has experienced during their marriage, it would not be the first time that their very public relationship has hit a snag. Here's a brief rundown of other troubling moments since they got hitched in 2010.

2012: Past Allegations of Carmelo's Infidelity

Athletes have been known to cheat from time to time, and recent news of Carmelo's alleged infidelities are really just the latest stories to surface on that front.

For example, just two years after he and La La said "I do," Melo was already facing a public accusation of cheating on his wife. The speculation began after a 19-year-old woman said she had a two-month romance with the Knicks star after he approached her on Twitter. At the time, La La addressed her marriage without specifically mentioning the accuser by name. 

2013: Kevin Garnett Tells Carmelo That La La Tastes Like "Honey Nut Cheerios"

In one of the more bizarre instances of product placement we've ever seen, notorious sh*t talker Kevin Garnett was rumored to have told Carmelo that his wife tastes like "Honey Nut Cheerios." It's unclear if that's what was actually said as, afterwards, Carmelo simply told the media, "There's some things as men that you just don't say." Regardless, he waited for Garnett outside the Celtics' team bus, though they later reportedly talked it through.

At that same time, rumors about marital problems came up, including reports that the couple had been living apart for two months, which is a story that made Wendy Williams's audience gasp so much it was as if they'd had a blinking sign above the stage telling them to do just that.

2015: La La Cheated With Maino Rumor Surfaces

La La become the subject of her own rumor, when it was alleged that she cheated on Carmelo with Maino. The source of this gossip was some Instagram comments left on La La's page by a woman claiming to be Maino's girlfriend. Still, some fans believed it was a publicity stunt for a mixtape. For that reason and more, it sounds like it wasn't true, but that's still not the type of conversation you want to be having with your significant other. The couple publicly addressed the rumor with a brief lip sync of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill's "All Eyes on You" on Instagram. There might be some irony there.

2017: Carmelo Allegedly Gets a "Dancer" Pregnant

All that leads up to TMZ's Monday afternoon scoop that the couple was separating after seven years of marriage. While the initial report said that the stress of the Knicks' crap season was a main factor in the split, a new report on Tuesday indicated that a woman claimed to be six-and-a-half months pregnant with Carmelo's child. Sources told TMZ that the relationship between the Anthonys was already rocky, and this would seem to be the type of thing that would put it over the edge. 

While the TMZ report stated that she was a dancer at a "Gentlemen's club" in NYC, an unsubstantiated submission to The Shade Room came from someone claiming to be the pregnant woman's ex-roommate. That person stated that the woman is not a dancer, and is instead a grad student at Northwestern.

Furthermore, Page Six reports that Melo went around saying the line, "She’s married, I’m not," when he was asked about La La on the road. While one source said to be near Carmelo claimed the pregnancy story isn't true, his reps declined to comment on either that or his alleged "she's married, I'm not" line. 

TMZ also reported that while divorce papers haven't been filled out yet, a reconciliation is probably not going to happen, tough the separation is said to be "amicable."

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