Another season. Another scandal. This time taking place in middle America. The Indiana Pacers' Paul George is just the newest member of this exclusive list. Obviously, it's not at all the type of list that he'd want to be apart of.

Constant attention is the drawback of being a pro athlete. With the big paycheck comes a spotlight so bright that even a former D-Leaguer gets exposed by the media when he shoves his fingers up a non-consenting butt. That spotlight is the reason you get the big paycheck, the adulation and the prestige. But people like to see public figures fall. Some of these men were targets for groupies. Others were merely criminals. Most of the others lay somewhere in-between. Either way, they make Tim Tebow look pretty smart right about now.

Everyone wants their legacy to be dictated by their actions on the court. But the only way that happens is if they behave themselves off of it. When you live in a world where sex sells, a bad decision can get you on the front page. Here's a History of the Craziest Sex Scandals in NBA History.