Hey, Knicks fans, have you heard the good news?! According to Internet reports—which, c'mon, are almost always true—LaLa Anthony is cheating on her husband Carmelo Anthony with [enter ALL the gasps you can here] Maino! The mother of Maino's daughter reportedly went at LaLa on Instagram and accused her of creeping on Carmelo with the rapper. And now, there are tons and tons of Knicks fans who are saying, "YEEESSSSSSS! MELO 'BOUT TO GET ON HIS FUTURE SHIT AND FUCK UP THE NBA NEXT SEASON!" on Twitter. No, really, they are:

The bad news for these heartless fans is that the LaLa/Melo/Maino rumor prooooooobably isn't true. We actually wouldn't expect any of the parties involved to even acknowledge it, which will result in it ending up on the top of this big pile of sports rumors that we've collected over the years. But even without an outright denial from Lala, Melo, or Maino, it's probably safe to say that this rumor is simply, well, a rumor (and frankly, all jokes aside, that's what we're hoping for since we're pretty much going to give up on the idea of true love if LaLa and Carmelo ever call it quits!).

As you would expect, though, the fact that the rumor probably isn't true isn't stopping Twitter from running wild with it. Outside of comparing Carmelo to Future, there are also plenty of people offering up relationship advice for Carmelo, cracking jokes about that thing that Kevin Garnett said to Melo that one time, and generally just acting a fool when it comes to showing any level of respect for Lala and Melo's marriage. Basically, it's Twitter doing what Twitter does best and exhibiting zero chill in the process.

Scroll down to check out some of the responses that we have seen to the Lala/Melo/Maino saga. You guys are, as usual, too much…