Carlos Beltran Channels Carlos Boozer With New Hairstyle, Doesn’t Fool Anyone

Carlos Beltran appeared to go from having no hair to a full head of hair by channeling his inner Carlos Boozer.

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If you have a friend who is bald, it might be odd to see him show up one day out of the blue with a full head of hair without saying a word about it. To be honest, we're not even sure what the proper way to handle a situation like that is. Do you ignore it and let your man live in self-delusion—or do you make fun of him mercilessly for wearing his biggest insecurity where everyone can see it? It probably depends on how emotionally stable he is.

Carlos Beltran's teammates are currently trying to figure out how to deal with that exact dilemma. Before the Rangers' game against the Indians on Sunday, Beltran—who was bald as recently as just one week ago—showed up at Globe Life Park with a full head of hair. It's still unclear if he went the Carlos Boozer route and had his head painted to make it look like he had hair or if he accidentially tripped and landed in the fountain of youth down in Texas, but regardless, it's clear the 39-year-old outfielder was trying to turn back the hands of time with this look:

As a reference point, you can take a look at what Beltran looked like last week below:

Carlos Beltran sits in the dugout during a game against the Rays.

Damn, what a difference eight days makes!

We don't know if Beltran expected to get away with this without anyone noticing, but...he didn't. Twitter jumped all over him when they saw what he had done with his, er, "hair":

Beltran is, of course, just the latest major athlete to make a last-ditch effort to look young again by taking drastic steps to put hair back on his head. As we mentioned, Boozer did it once. LeBron James and Ray Lewis tried it, too. You would think millionaires would be able to afford something a little less obvious, but hey, not everybody is able to take the same path as Tom Brady.

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