It looks like LeBron James has finally had enough of people making jokes about his hair. For the last three or four years, social media has been filled with wisecracks about King James' receding hairline. You know, stuff like this:

And this:


Even LeBron has made jokes about his hair:

But it appears as though those jokes are going to come to an abrupt end. Because during the unveiling of the Nike LeBron 12 at Nike's World Headquarters in Oregon last night, LeBron showed off more than just new sneakers to those who were in attendance. He also showed off a much-improved hairline that immediately caught the attention of everyone on Twitter.

So did LeBron get some sort of hair plugs in the offseason? Did he get a hair transplant? Or is he just working with a new barber who is using a technique to make it appear as though some of LeBron's hair is back again? We have absolutely no idea. But there were a lot of people who had strong reactions to what they saw last night. Here, Twitter Reacts to the New Look of LeBron James' Hair.