Steve Nash Believes DeMarcus Cousins Can Make Full Recovery From ACL Injury

"He's still got a future," Nash told TMZ.

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DeMarcus Cousins will miss significant time once again after suffering a torn ACL this offseason. While some people are doubtful about Boogie's future, Steve Nash has faith in Cousins. 

"He shouldn't retire," Nash told TMZ. "He's still a young guy. He's had a horrible run, but he has a fighting spirit. He's a competitor. He's gone through a lot already, he can do it."

Cousins went down during a Las Vegas training session. While it was first reported that Boogie had bumped knees with another player, footage surfaced showing that the incident was actually a non-contact injury.

This torn ACL is the third major injury Boogie has suffered in three seasons. In January 2018, Cousins went down at the end of a game against the Rockets with a torn Achilles. Cousins settled in Golden State and finally returned to the court halfway through the season, but he tore his left quad in the first round against the Clippers. Boogie admitted that dealing with these back-to-back injuries took a toll on his mental. 

"I was just ready to quit," Cousins told ESPN's Rachel Nichols. "Like, throw the towel in...Human nature is the first thing. It's like, 'Why? Why me? Why now? What did I do wrong? Why do I deserve this?'"

Boogie was ready to redeem himself with the Lakers before tearing his ACL. Nash believes he still can.

"He's gotta keep trying. It might take him a long time to get it exactly how he wants and feel safe and secure," Nash continued. "But, he's still got a future."

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