Floyd Mayweather Appears to Troll Conor McGregor After UFC Fighter's Arrest

Mayweather used the paparazzi to troll McGregor following the fighter's altercation with a fan.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. attends a basketball game

Image via Getty/ Allen Berezovsky

Floyd Mayweather Jr. attends a basketball game

Of all the things Floyd Mayweather does great, trolling his rivals is near the top of the list. And just because he's "retired" doesn't mean he's not perfecting his pettiness as he displayed by using the paparazzi to take a slight jab at former opponent Conor McGregor

While strolling through Beverly Hills, Money Mayweather was approached by a swarm of cameras. Even though Floyd is never one to shy away from attention, on this day the boxer emphasized that he has no reservations about being photographed.

"Money May all day. Shoot me, man!" Mayweather said while stretching out-wide so that the TMZ cameras could get a quality picture. "Shoot greatness! Shoot greatness! That's right!"

Floyd Mayweather Trolls Conor McGregor In Beverly Hills https://t.co/qqW5LeA3QW

— TMZ (@TMZ) March 13, 2019

Floyd's exaggerated affinity for the paparazzi comes after it was announced that his foe Conor McGregor will be facing criminal charges. According to Miami-Dade County authorities, on Monday morning the UFC irritant allegedly slapped and stomped a fan's cellphone after he took a picture of McGregor. This led to the fighter being booked on charges of strong-arm robbery and criminal mischief over $1,000. McGregor has since posted the bail and reportedly "pledges his full cooperation" to law enforcement. But despite McGregor's difficult situation, it appears Mayweather is not above kicking someone while they're down. 

"Shoot this greatness, man!" Floyd Continued. "Shoot this—unbelievable. Shoot it!"

By toying with McGregor's legal situation, Floyd might be getting payback for the jeers the McGregor made about his criminal history leading up to their 2017 showdown. In an effort help sell the already highly anticipated fight, McGregor resurfaced Mayweather's dark past of domestic violence. This includes a 2013 stint in jail for assaulting ex-girlfriend Josie Harris after Mayweather found text messages between Harris and NBA player C.J. Watson. McGregor used Mayweather's incarceration as fuel, even wearing a throwback C.J. Watson jersey to troll the boxer. 

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