The WWE-style trash talking about the upcoming boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather isn’t merely between the two fighters. NBA Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors has joined the fray. Fellow players such as the now-retired Paul Pierce can attest to Green’s trash talking abilities, and Saturday night, McGregor got a taste as well.

Green posted a picture of McGregor wearing a No. 23 Warriors jersey to his Instagram account with the following caption:

“We rocking with Floyd bro not you... take that off bruh @thenotoriousmma.”

Always down for the clap back, McGregor slid in Green’s IG comments and wrote, “That's C.J Watson mate. I don’t know who the fuck you are. No disrespect tho kid, keep hustling and stay in school. Now ask yourself why I’m rocking C.J. when I don’t know or give a fuck about basketball. I dribble heads off the floor. Not a ball. This is no game here kid.”

For a bit of background, the photo Green used does feature McGregor in the iteration of Warriors’ jerseys the team wore from 2003 through 2010. C.J. Watson logged time for the Warriors from 2007 through 2010 while wearing No. 23 a full two years before Green was drafted. So why would McGregor wear an obscure, role player’s jersey if he admittedly isn’t a basketball fan? The answer is because Conor McGregor is possibly pettier than Draymond Green.

When Mayweather pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and two counts of harassment in 2010 for assaulting the mother of his children and former girlfriend Josie Harris, it was allegedly over Watson. Police reports from the incident detail Harris alleging Mayweather beat her while holding her phone and yelling, “Are you having sex with C.J.”

So if McGregor was indeed wearing a C.J. Watson jersey in the photo Green found, it was probably in reference to Watson allegedly turning Mayweather into a cuckold. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Conor McGregor—a man not above referencing domestic violence victims with his clothing choices in order to troll his opponents.