Fans Are Ripping Into Brady Poppinga for Saying Lamar Jackson Is a 'Poor-Man's Taysom Hill'

Brady Poppinga might have to take it back soon.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson

Image via Getty/Kirk Irwin

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson

In what could be one of the worst takes in NFL history, people are really fixing their lips to say that Taysom Hill is a better quarterback than the reigning NFL MVP. 

On Monday, former NFL outside linebacker Brady Poppinga described Lamar Jackson as a "poor-man’s Taysom Hill."

"Lamar Jackson is the poor-man’s Taysom Hill. It’s not the other way around," Poppinga said per Benjamin Criddle. "That’s what we have in Taysom. That’s why the Saints aren’t messing around. He eventually will be taken care of."

In Hill's defense, he has proven his versatility by becoming the Saints' utility player. He's played nearly every phase of the game for New Orleans to help secure victories and a lot of his impact doesn't make the stat sheet. This has made him a fan favorite, but his production perils in comparison to what Jackson has done on the football field. 

Last season, Hill played in 16 games. This led to 27 rushes for 156 yards and one touchdown. Lamar Jackson played in 15 games last season. He accounted for 36 touchdowns and only six interceptions. Jackson also accumulated over 3,100 yards—including 1,206 rushing yards which are the most yard rushed by a quarterback in NFL history. Oh, not to mention that Jackson was named the league's unanimous MVP and that the only other person to accomplish this feat is Tom Brady.

And for the fans saying that we haven't seen the best Hill has to offer, it should be noted that the same can be said for Jackson. Lamar is only 23 years old with a lot of time to continue changing the game. Hill, on the other hand, is 29 years old and is an effective starting quarterback because he's been playing behind Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater.

Because these facts are common knowledge, fans believe that Poppinga is merely trolling or other factors are at play. Either way, they are letting their objections be known. 

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