Adrien Broner Suggests He Potentially Ended Manny Pacquiao's Career

Adrian Broner lost his January fight against Manny Pacquiao in a unanimous decision.

press conference at Gotham Hall

Image via Getty/Sarah Stier

press conference at Gotham Hall

After losing the fight he said he didn't lose, Adrien Broner seems to be back in good spirits. But, he did deliver some potentially devastating news about the future of his former opponent and boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

"Well they say I detached his retina," Broner said on Wednesday, after TMZ asked him if there's a possibility of a rematch between the two boxers. "But I hope so, though. You know — I would love to rematch that."

Broner's comments come after Pacquiao was seen wearing an eye-patch for days following their fight. This led to reports from within Pacquiao's team claiming that the boxer may have suffered a career-ended optic injury. However, these stories were quickly countered. On Monday (Jan. 21) Pac-Man's publicist Fred Sternburg went on record stating that his client merely suffered a scratched cornea that was caused by tape on Broner's gloves. 

"He had a patch on his eye and was told it was a scratched cornea and they put an antibiotic ointment in his eye," Sternburg told ESPN before saying that Pacquiao had a follow-up exam that came back with the same results. In fact, that same Monday, Pacquiao was seen at the Lakers game without the eye-patch.

On a lighter note, Broner revealed that he'll be putting $100,000 on "Touchdown Tom" and the Pats this Super Bowl Sunday. 

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