Pat Riley Sent Dwyane Wade a Farewell Letter Just Before His First Return to Miami

Wade claims there is no bad blood between him and Riley.

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After Dwyane Wade was snubbed for a well-deserved payday earlier this year despite the fact that he was the longtime face of the Heat franchise, Heat president Pat Riley told the media he was "floored" and "so saddddddd!!!!" about his star's departure to the Chicago. Yet Riley's actions upon Wade leaving Miami didn't seem to match up with his statements. Dwyane Wade revealed earlier this week that he hasn't spoken to Riley since the future Hall of Famer got out of dodge and signed with the Bulls this summer. 

Riley is not trying to hide that didn't give his star a formal goodbye. According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Wade stated that he finally got an email from Riley to say farewell on the day of the game between the Bulls and the Heat, the first return for DWade since he left his home of 13 years.  

Riley talked just 90 minutes before the tipoff about his late email. "I hope he got it," Riley said. "You know those guys changing phone numbers and emails ..." Wade received the email just one hour before the game began, but couldn't open it because he was too busy to prepare for the game. 

Wade said of Riley before the game, "I've spoken through you guys [reporters].He's heard me loud and clear. I'm very appreciative of Pat, of what we created here together. There's nothing to squash [as far as bad feelings]."

"After 13 years together, we don't need a talk or email just to justify how we feel about each other,'' Riley said.


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