Watch NBA Draft Prospect Brandon Ingram Go Undercover as a Sketch Artist in NYC

NBA Draft prospect Brandon Ingram of Duke went undercover as a sketch artist in NYC.

Brandon Ingram is expected to be one of the top overall picks come Thursday's NBA Draft. But if for some reason his NBA career goes downhill, well, he has his drawing talents to rely on, I guess.

Ingram is seen in the clip above trolling people in Manhattan's Washington Square Park for a video segment by Draft Kings to promote his basketball and sketch pad talents. Ingram barely goes undercover to see if anyone walking through the park recognizes him, even though he neither bothers to use an alias, a mask nor props to conceal his identity. He draws people's faces, as well as (surprise!) himself playing basketball.

He doesn't even ask for their money because, duh, he's about to be guaranteed a multi-million dollar contract. 

Despite his 6-foot-9 height, Brandon tells people that he doesn't play basketball and "no sports at all​." He's asked if he's a Tarheels fan, which he reveals that he "once was" before becoming a Duke Blue Devil. And one of his subjects from Paris finally calls him out by his real identity. Ingram subversively tries to deny his claim by saying, "I'm an artist."

At the end of the clip, he actually comes clean and tells his subjects and bystanders of his charade that he actually is Brandon Ingram, NBA draft prospect from Duke. Nice try, my guy. Now go get that paper.

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