Fan Trolls Kiss Cam by Smooching His Beer Instead of Girlfriend at Hockey Game

The couple was at the 41st World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Toronto when the Kiss Cam caught a man kissing his beer.

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We don't cover hockey much, but when we do, these moments are either hilarious, impressive, or shocking to watch. This moment involves a Kiss Cam and a fan who showed the crowd his love of brew over his girlfriend.

Earlier this week at the 41st World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Toronto, Canada, the couple in the clip above got a quick moment of shine during the U.S. versus Slovokia game. They were momentarily captured by the Kiss Cam, which zoomed in on them sitting together in the stands. The young lady was likely expecting a kiss at the sight of them being on the jumbotron. But the Slovakia jersey-clad beau displayed more PDA to his beer than his significant other.

When these moments happen, it's supposed to make people looking at the jumbotron in the arena react with gushing ooh's and aww's as they witness minimal seconds of romance with people smooching at the game. But the beer seemed to take precedent for him. After all, those beers sold at sports arenas are way too expensive to drink fast, so maybe he was savoring every moment of his preferred beer.

Fortunately, the Slovakia fan's girlfriend took it in stride, and didn't punch him for snubbing her on a wet one. We hope their car ride home after the game had no problems to hash out.

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