Commitment to Failure: The Raiders' Most Embarrassing Moments

Oakland stay losing on and off the field—check out their most astounding fails of the decade.

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As the NFL finishes week 5 of action, the league has had its share of embarrassing teams (word to last year's 0-16 Lions). The Rams, Titans, Panthers, and others are all sucking out loud right now, but no team has even come close to the on-and off-field fuckery of the Oakland Raiders. Since 2002, the pitiful squad has set a record for most consecutive seasons with 11 losses or more. Not bad for a crew whose official motto is "Commitment to Excellence"—and with yesterday's 44-7 loss to the Giants, it looks like the Raiders plan on continuing the bullshit for a while.

From owner-vs.-coach public feuds to teammate assaults and intrastaff jawbreakers (no Wonka), the team itself boasts behavior far more self-ethering than their GWAR-tribute fanbase. Which is why we've taken a quick break from tallying JaMarcus Russell's wobbliest pass attempts to compile our list of the most embarrassing Raider moments of the decade. Enjoy!

WHEN: AUGUST 5, 2009
• According to former Raiders assistant and alleged assault victim Randy Hanson, head coach Tom Cable yelled "I'll fucking kill you!" as he slammed Hanson into furniture, breaking his jaw. Damn, if only Cable's players could bring that kind of intensity... on the field... and not directed at each other... there might be a dub in their future!


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