Video Shows Ex-NBA Player Robert Horry Throwing Punches at Heckler During Son's Basketball Game

Former NBA player Robert Horry was caught on camera trying to punch a man for heckling him during his son's basketball game over the weekend.

Robert Horry was probably forced to deal with his fair share of hecklers throughout the course of his 16-year NBA career. The seven-time NBA champion played on a few of the best NBA teams of the last 20 years, and he no doubt encountered hecklers along the way who tried to tear him and his accomplishments down. But it sounds like Horry is dealing with one of his biggest hecklers ever right now, nearly 10 years after he retired from the NBA.

According to TMZ Sports, Horry was in attendance at the Nike Basketball 3ON3 Tournament on Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles to watch his son play in a game when a man who was there to cheer for the opposing team started heckling him. The man then approached Horry and pushed him, and as you can see in the clip above, Horry—a.k.a. Big Shot Bob—responded by throwing a series of punches at the man. It’s hard to tell if any of those punches landed, but TMZ Sports caught up with Horry later, and he insisted that he wasn’t the one who started the fight with the man.

"The guy was trash talking the whole game," Horry said. "He shoved me. Where I’m from, you protect yourself."

Horry added that he decided not to continue fighting the man after throwing a few punches, because he quickly realized that he was "the only one who was gonna lose in this situation." But while speaking with TMZ Sports, Horry claimed the man has heckled him—and his son’s team—in the past, which was why he got so angry in the first place.

The video TMZ Sports released doesn’t necessarily show Horry in the best possible light. But the man did come into contact with him first, and to Horry’s credit, he did pull back from hitting the heckler and doing any serious damage. You can check out the action in the clip above.

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