Video: 25,000 Teddy Bears Get Tossed Onto a Hockey Rink During a Game

That's a lot of teddy bears.

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Look out for that...teddy bear? Usually when you see stuff flying over your head and onto a basketball court, a baseball field, or, in this case, a hockey rink, it's a bad thing—and someone's getting shown to the door. However, in the case of the Calgary Hitmen, throwing stuff onto the ice is actually encouraged during one game every season.

For the 17th straight year, the minor league hockey team held an event that features fans throwing teddy bears onto the ice after they score their first goal of a game. Those teddy bears are then donated to a local children's hospital during the holiday season. This year, the team collected more than 25,000 bears during a 2-1 loss to the Medicine Hat Tigers.

Hold up: So, we get to throw shit and do it for a good cause? Count us in next year.

[via Puck Daddy]

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