Tyga's Girlfriend Blac Chyna Had Her Rolls-Royce Phantom Impounded

Tyga's girlfriend Blac Chyna got caught driving her Rolls-Royce Phantom without a license recently. As a result, her luxury ride was impounded.

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Some helpful advice if you plan on driving a $300,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom erratically: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LICENSE!

Unfortunately, Tyga's girlfriend Blac Chyna didn't keep that in mind on Sunday when she was whipping her car through the mean streets of Malibu, Calif. And as a result, she had her Rolls-Royce impounded by the local police when she got pulled over and found to be driving the luxury ride without a license. So now, she'll be forced to get the issues with her license worked out before she's able to climb behind the wheel of her Rolls again.

There's nothing sadder than seeing a ride as nice as that one hooked up to the back of a tow truck, is there?

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