Thanks to Fake Klay Thompson, There's a Fake James Harden Now Too

OK, so which NBA player is getting a "fake" version of themselves next?

As we told you on Wednesday, Fake Klay Thompson was, without a doubt, the best part of the NBA’s opening night earlier this week. He showed up at the Warriors’ game against the Rockets, sat behind the bench, and pretty much stole the show during Golden State’s 122-121 loss to Houston. He got roasted for doing it, but hey, that’s the price you pay for 24 hours of internet infamy.

It looks like Fake Klay may have inspired a trend, too, because on Wednesday night, a Fake James Harden (!) showed up at the Rockets’ game against the Kings in Sacramento. He didn’t look quite as convincing as Fake Klay, and unfortunately, he didn’t score seats behind the Rockets’ bench, so there's no way Harden saw him. But he came to the game outfitted in a Harden-esque beard as well as a Harden jersey and even did Harden’s (er, Lil B's!—sorry, Based God) cooking dance for the cameras.

In terms of "who wore it better?" there’s really no debate. Fake Klay > Fake Harden. All day. But Fake Harden still got plenty of love in Sacramento for trying to pull off his look. If nothing else, he earned himself the adoration of a few fans who stopped to take photos with him during the game.

Oh, and just in case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a third "fake" NBA player floating around out there, too, who is even more convincing than Fake Klay or Fake Harden—and he didn’t have to put on a uniform or even show up at a game to get the recognition he deserves. A video of a Fake Kobe Bryant has made the rounds on social media over the course of the last 24 hours, and you can’t tell us this guy isn’t a dead ringer for the Black Mamba. Like, how is this not Kobe?

If this trend continues, then we can’t wait to see who shows up at an NBA game on Thursday night. Fake Kyle Lowry? Fake Russell Westbrook? Fake Carmelo Anthony? Fake Blake Griffin? Fake Lonzo Ball?

Yeeeeeeeah, this is going to get old soon, if it hasn’t already. But don’t expect that to stop someone out there from trying it anyway.

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