Shots Fired! Chuck Liddell Hates On Tito Ortiz

This is just cold, Iceman!

Okay, okay, so technically, Chuck Liddell is joking in the clip above. To help show off his role as the new Vice President of Business Development for Zuffa—the company that'll handle booking UFC fights moving forward—Liddell books an entire night of fights himself and even jumps on the phone with Tito Ortiz here (not really!) to shoot down his dreams of fighting in the UFC again. "I'm not sure Ortiz-Machida II is what the fans want," he says. "Ain't happening, Tito, no one likes you."

But the funniest part about the whole thing is that Ortiz took the gag seriously and actually tried to call Liddell out for it on Twitter before Dana White stepped in and told him it was all just a joke. SMH. Tito lost again. [via Cagewriter]

Funny video by @danawhite but horrible acting by @chuckliddell. Nice to see to I'm still relevant to them and the @ufc.less than a minute ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet ReplyTito Ortiz

@titoortiz and the video was meant to play up the shit between u and chuck it was not a dig toward u at all.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet ReplyDana White

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