Russell Wilson and Ciara Reportedly Moved Wedding Out of North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT Law

Russell Wilson and Ciara were reportedly planning on getting married in North Carolina but moved their wedding due to the state’s anti-LGBT bathroom law.

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In late July, the NBA made headlines after it decided to move the league’s 2017 NBA All-Star Game out of North Carolina because of the state’s anti-LGBT bathroom law. The Charlotte Hornets were scheduled to host the annual event in February, but instead, the NBA awarded the All-Star Game to the city of New Orleans and the Pelicans next season. And it sounds like the NBA wasn’t the only group to decide against holding a major event in North Carolina last month due to the state's new law.

Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss did an interview with The Knot recently, and she revealed that, originally, Russell Wilson and Ciara were planning on getting married in North Carolina in July. She didn’t go into great detail with regards to where they were going to have the wedding, but Weiss claimed the couple ultimately decided not to hold their nuptials in N.C. due to the same anti-LGBT bathroom law the NBA cited when it moved the All-Star Game.

"They were first getting married in North Carolina," Weiss said, "but they called it off due to the transgender bathroom laws."

The Wilsons also decided against holding their wedding in Paris because it would have coincided with Couture Fashion Week, and they eventually settled on having it in London where they got married at a castle in Liverpool. You can see what else Weiss had to say about the wedding here.

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