Robert Griffin III Called Out for Taking Credit for Cavaliers’ Championship Graphic

Robert Griffin III was criticized for taking credit for a Cavaliers’ championship graphic he posted on Twitter.

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Robert Griffin III is a quarterback, not a photographer. But for whatever reason, that hasn’t stopped him from attaching his name to the bottom of photos that he has posted on social media in the past. In fact, he’s started doing it on just about every single photo that he posts on social media, regardless of whether or not he had anything to do with taking the shot:

To the best of our knowledge, no photographer has ever called RGIII out on it, but on Monday, he did manage to make a Cavaliers’ designer mad by swiping an image that originally appeared on the Cavs’ Twitter and making it his own. This was the post that the Cavs posted after they won the NBA championship on Sunday:

And this is the tweet RGIII sent out a short time later:

More than a few people noticed what RGIII had done, and they called him out for doing it:

Word got back to web designer Joe Caione, who spent a lot of time creating the graphic, and he had this to say about it:

As of right now, RGIII hasn’t responded to Caione. He also hasn’t removed the photo. But we should point out that RGIII has come under fire in the past for making serious missteps on social media. So maybe he should be a little bit more careful about who is representing him on sites like Twitter? Unless, of course, he wants everyone in Cleveland to hate him before he’s even taken a single snap.

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