Robert Griffin III Tries to Turn Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance Into Motivational Workout Tweet

It looks like RGIII enjoyed Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy performance.

Image via USA TODAY Sports/Mike Dinovo

If you missed Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards last night, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. Seriously, you’re not allowed to proceed with the rest of your day until you’ve seen it.


Done watching? Pretty powerful, right? Apparently, Robert Griffin III thought so, because he attempted to shoehorn it into his latest #KnowYourWhy motivational tweet this morning. Take a look at how he did it:

Embrace your roots! Pick up your chains today and break free! #KnowYourWhy #KendrickMadeMeDoIt

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) February 16, 2016

We don’t know if that was the best way for RGIII to give props to Kendrick, and the reactions to his tweet have varied. From this:

I had your back FAM and this how you wanna act!?

— Barry Vandross (@COLDSPAMLARRY90) February 16, 2016

To this:

Cornball brother #NeverForget

— KingCunni (@KiddCunni) February 16, 2016


But hey, we’re guessing/hoping it just got a few extra eyes on Kendrick’s performance. So…win?

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