Rob Gronkowski Wants to Be a WWE Wrestler One Day

Rob Gronkowski says he wants to be a WWE wrestler after retiring from the NFL.

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In the past, there have been quite a few football players who have made the transition and become professional wrestlers. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear Rob Gronkowski say that he wants to do it. In fact, Gronk joining the WWE at some point in his life makes too much sense, and we’re going to be disappointed if he doesn’t do it.

While speaking with Katie Nolan recently as part of a DraftKings interview (see here and here for other snippets from it), Gronkowski revealed that he’s more than open to joining the WWE one day.

“My buddy Mojo Rawley, he’s in the WWE. He’s doing great. He’s about to be a superstar, I feel like,” the Patriots tight end said. “I watch him and he kind of inspires me to someday maybe get in that ring and be a WWE wrestler. I don’t know if I would want to do it full-time, but I would definitely want to make an appearance in the ring once and jump off the top ropes and give someone an elbow drop.”

Gronk has clearly put at least a little bit of thought into wrestling, because when Nolan asked him to come up with a finishing move, he had an answer ready to go.

“Probably like a spike or something,” he said. “I would just take their head and—bam—shove it into the ground. And I would jump off the top rope and give them a leg whip or something.”

And while it’s not terribly creative, Gronkowski even has his wrestling name all picked out.

“The Gronk,” he said.

See? This makes too much sense. Make it happen, Vince McMahon!

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