Riff Raff Issued a Basketball Challenge to LaVar Ball and We Wouldn't Be Surprised If He Accepted

Riff Raff just issued a challenge to LaVar Ball. Think he accepts?

Riff Raff has a cousin who is an excellent high school basketball player. His name is Mac McClung, and he currently attends Gate City High School in Gate City, Virginia. Although he’s still just a junior, he has reportedly received college scholarship offers from the likes of Cleveland State, Kent State, Marshall, Rice, and Towson after averaging almost 30 points per game last season. And Riff Raff recently shared this video of McClung on Instagram, which features him throwing down a few of his trademark dunks:

Riff Raff also sat down for a quick interview with TMZ Sports over the weekend to talk about his cousin, and while he mentioned that he hasn’t spoken to McClung much over the last few years, that didn’t stop him from issuing a challenge on his behalf. The TMZ Sports interviewer told Riff Raff that he was talking his cousin up so much that he was sounding a little bit like LaVar Ball answering questions about his sons. And Riff Raff responded by saying that he would be more than open to staging a game between Ball’s AAU team, which features two of his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo, and a team featuring McClung.


"We gotta get a game together where he gotta come out there with his five [players] and play against them Ball boys," Riff Raff said. "[LaVar] gotta get his starting five from his team—I’m not sure what high school it is—and then my cousin get his starting five from his high school, and they should have a game this summer somewhere in California. Make it fun. And then I’ll bring them by the Codeine Castle and I’ll barbecue for everybody afterwards and keep it real friendly."

Sounds like fun. And as for who would win? Well, you could probably guess the answer to that question.

"Of course we gonna win," Riff Raff said.

What’s up, LaVar? You down?

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