Which One of These Ridiculous Orlando Scandrick/Draya Breakup Rumors Is Crazier?

These Orlando Scandrick/Draya breakup rumors are insane.

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Yesterday, TMZ Sports reported that Orlando Scandrickhad called off his engagement to longtime girlfriend Draya Michele. Even though they literally just got engaged last month with the Cowboys cornerback giving Draya a $400,000 ring and everything, it sounded like he had had enough of their on-again, off-again relationship. Reason being…well, no one knows the reason. He didn't give one and, while Draya didlash out at him today, she didn't really provide a reason, either.

There's no shortage of ridiculous rumors about the two, though! Since their breakup, there have been plenty of them floating around, but there are two that stood out above the rest. Let's take a look at them:

Rumor 1 comes to us courtesy of Love B. Scott. According to a "well-connected little birdie" that they spoke to (a "well-connected little birdie" wouldn't lie, right?), Scandrick didn't actually give Draya an engagement ring. Rather, she bought herself a ring, put a photo of it on Instagram, and then told TMZ all about how she'd gotten engaged. *cue the audible gasps*

"She bought the ring and her publicist planted the story," the "birdie" told Love B. Scott. "[Orlando] didn't propose. He has been trying to sort it out and figure out how to get the fuck away from her for months! She wouldn't leave his house and was acting [like a] squatter."

*more audible gasps* She BOUGHT THE RING HERSELF? No way. Too crazy. But let's see if we can't top that crazy rumor...

Rumor 2 comes to us courtesy of Terez Owens. According to a tip that arrived in their inbox this morning (which automatically doesn't seem quite as reliable/trustworthy as a "well-connected little birdie," FWIW), Scandrick called it quits with Draya after he found something he didn't like on her phone. It was—are you ready for this? No, really, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?—a naked photo of Jameis Winston. *CUE ALLLLLLL THE AUDIBLE GASPS AS I GASP FOR AIR*

That's right. Even though Draya looked like she wanted to have nothing to do with Jameis at a club recently, Terez Owens says Draya had his dick pic on her phone.

So we've gotta ask: Which of these rumors is crazier? Answer below!



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