NFL Owners Reportedly Withheld More Than $100 Million From Players Over Last Three Years

The NFL has been ordered to repay the NFLPA more than $100 million.

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Do you think the NFL will ever be able to go more than a week without having some sort of a scandal on its hands? The offseason just started two weeks ago, and in reality, there shouldn’t be much news coming out of the NFL, outside of draft speculation. But according to a new report, the league is going to have to deal with another negative story this week, with this one involving NFL owners withholding money from players.

According to multiple reports, NFL owners have collected more than $100 million over the last three years that was supposed to be given to the NFL Players Association. An arbitrator has reportedly ruled that the league must now turn over about $120 million total to the NFLPA with about $50 million of it going towards player salaries. The money was reportedly taken out of ticket revenue generated during the last three seasons.

The NFL hasn’t confirmed the $120 million figure, but it’s safe to say that, even if that’s just a calculated guess, the league owes players a lot of money right now. And it will reportedly be reflected in an increase in the salary cap next season.

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