Mia Khalifa Just Trolled Steph Curry Over His Foot Fetish

Here's how Mia Khalifa responded to learning about Steph Curry's foot fetish.

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When Ayesha Curry was asked to pull out her cell phone and show an "unusual" photo during an appearance on the daytime talk show The Real last week, no one could have predicted what would come next. She showed off a photo of her feet, which seemed innocent enough until she inexplicably revealed that she took the photo because her husband Steph Curry has a huge foot fetish.

"My husband really loves my feet," Ayesha said. "And so, like, the light was hitting them just right that day, and so I was like, 'Let me just snap this photo and send him a picture of my feet!' So when he says to 'send nudes,' that’s what he’s getting—a picture of my bare feet."

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Yikes. We’re all for sharing things people might not know about Steph, but that was most definitely TMI. Like, how are we supposed to appreciate what Steph does on the court on Tuesday night when we have this video firmly implanted in our brains?

Anyway, Ayesha’s stunning revelation about Steph got quite a bit of traction online in the days that followed her The Real appearance. And on Monday, Mia Khalifahost of Complex’s new sports show, Out of Bounds—chimed in with a response of her own. She took to Twitter to troll Steph by posting a photo of her feet along with the caption, "Sup?"

So far, no response from Steph, but he’s probably a little bit busy today. The Warriors will have a couple days off after opening their season against the Rockets on Tuesday night, though, so maybe he’ll respond then? Stay tuned.

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