Saying Steph Curry is a great basketball player is the understatement of understatements. We don’t all sing “Steph Curry with the shot” for nothing. In fact, not only was he the Most Valuable Player of 2015 but he’s also now been on the All-Star team two years in a row, made the All-NBA team on more than one occasion, won an NBA Three-Point Shootout, and earned two gold medals. And he’s still not slowing down.

In fact, after receiving his championship ring on opening night, the NBA's reigning MVP proceeded to drop 40 points on the New Orleans Pelicans, a feat no other MVP athlete has ever accomplished in a season-opening game. 

He played golf with the President, got kids to start wearing Under Armour sneakers, and taught America how to Nae Nae with his daughter—all while being considered one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. 

In honor of his tremendous (and still young) career, we decided to take a better look at this underdog-turned-All-Star. From knowing all the words of “The Princess Diaries” to a senior thesis on tattoos to wanting Denzel Washington to play him in a movie, these are 30 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Steph Curry.