Matt Barnes Claims a Lawyer Told Him to Stop “Being Mean” to a “Certain Person” on Social Media

Is it you, Derek Fisher?

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Did Derek Fisher just sic one of his lawyers on Matt Barnes?

Barnes didn’t name any names, but he took to his Twitter account last night to reveal that he got a call from a lawyer yesterday who told him that needs to stop “being mean” to a “certain person” on social media. Or else…

And while that “certain person” could be someone other than Fisher (is it you, Rihanna?!?), it’s probably almost definitely Fisher. Just look at this. Or this. Or this. Or…do we really need to go on?

Here’s what Barnes had to say about the situation on Twitter:

Something tells us a phone call from a lawyer isn’t going to stop Barnes from doing what he does. But hey, it was worth a shot!

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