Marc Gasol Broke Out the Conor McGregor Walk to Celebrate a Huge Shot, and Twitter Lost It

Twitter went crazy after Marc Gasol sunk a huge shot against the Clippers and broke out the Conor McGregor walk to celebrate.

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Marc Gasol scored 26 points against the Clippers on Wednesday night to lead the Grizzlies to a hard-fought 111-107 victory on the road. But none of those points were more important than the three he scored on a 3-pointer with 14 seconds left to give Memphis a 109-107 lead. And to celebrate that huge shot, Gasol did this:

The McGregor walk 😂😩💀

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) November 17, 2016

That’s right—he broke out the Conor McGregor walk! The same one McGregor routinely does in the Octagon:

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And of course, Twitter went wild after Gasol—who’s not exactly known for his celebrations—channeled his inner McGregor. Here were some of the reactions to it:

Marc Gasol really hit that walk 😭😭😭

— neil. (@34odd) November 17, 2016

Gasol continued going after the game, too, by taking to Twitter to post a video of the shot along with an obvious reference to McGregor’s wild post-fight interview at UFC 205 following his win against Eddie Alvarez:

I want to apologize.... TO ABSOLUTELY NOBODY!#GrindCity

— Marc Gasol (@MarcGasol) November 17, 2016

And it would appear as though Gasol’s teammates enjoyed his shot and subsequent strut just as much as everyone else. Mike Conley referred to Gasol as the "Spanish Conor McGregor" during an interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter:

"That was the Spanish Conor McGregor" says Mike Conley on @SportsCenter about Big Spain. Goodnight #GrindCity. 🇪🇸🐻

— Ryan Glover (@G_Love24) November 17, 2016

And Zach Randolph posted this on Twitter:

Call him Mystic Mark @MarcGasol @TheNotoriousMMA Marc Gasol is here to absolutely nobody

— Zach Randolph (@MacBo50) November 17, 2016

What a shot—and what a celebration. No word on what McGregor thought about it just yet, but we can’t imagine him not saying that he loved it.

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