LeBron James Used His Wife's Cell Phone to Call Chris Paul Over the Weekend

LeBron James broke his "no cell phones during the playoffs" policy over the weekend.

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As you probably know, LeBron James had made a habit out of shutting off his cell phone during the NBA Playoffs every year. At the start of the postseason, he turns a blind eye to social media, refocuses himself on basketball, and locks in. He sent this out a couple weeks ago before the Cavaliers played their first playoff game against the Celtics:

But over the weekend, he broke his "no cell phones during the playoffs" policy after watching what Chris Paul did during Game 7 of the Clippers/Spurs series. He didn't use his phone. But he did borrow his wife's cell in order to quickly touch base with CP3 to congratulate him on the big shot that he made during the game.

"I called him from my wife's phone," LeBron said earlier today. "He answered the phone. He was like, 'What's up?' I told him don't say nothing, you're not allowed to reply, you're not allowed to say anything. I told him how amazing he was and how great he was and I hung up on him. I haven't spoken to him since."

LeBron is really taking this "no phones" thing seriously, huh? Although, next time, couldn't he just ask his wife to text CP3, especially if he's not going to say anything anyway when he calls?

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