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Things looked grim for the Los Angeles Clippers when Chris Paul went out with a hamstring injury late in the first quarter, but he returned not long after, and thank goodness he did. 

His ridiculous, one-legged, one-handed bank shot with one second left gave the Clippers a two point lead that would ultimately hold, but it was just the icing on the cake of what was a frantic last few minutes. 

There was Danny Green somehow blocking Blake Griffin that led to a Tony Parker basket on the other end that looked at the time like it might be the death knell for the Clips. 

Then there was this incredible suspect foul call on Tim Duncan as Chris Paul flopped sank to the ground on a jumper, giving Paul two free throws to put the Clippers up two, only to be met with a foul call on the other end that let Duncan tie the game with two of his own. And then there was Gregg Popovich flipping out at the scorer's table for a premature buzzer that he felt allowed the Clippers to get a look at his inbounds play with one second left.

What a series. And it was only the first round. Whew.

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