Kevin Durant Refers to Russell Westbrook as the “Best Player” on the Thunder

Wait, but didn’t KD say he’s the best player in the world?

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Back in August, Kevin Durant said that he considers himself to be the best basketball player in the world. He doubled down on his comments in September and reiterated that he believes he’s the best. But now? It doesn’t sound like KD even thinks he’s the best player on his own team.

After the Thunder lost to the Raptors at home last night, KD was asked about the team’s strategy during the game. And while discussing it, he referred to Russell Westbrook as “our best player.” You can watch him say it here:

It's KD. He's humble. And Westbrook has been crazy good. But it was interesting Durant called RW "our best player"

— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) November 5, 2015

Is this a big deal? No. KD is a humble guy, after all, so it’s not really all that surprising to see him giving props to his teammate. He’s also not technically wrong. At this very moment, Westbrook—who is averaging 28.6 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 10.6 assists per game—very well might be the best player on the Thunder. But it’s still interesting to hear KD defer to Westbrook, especially when you consider the bold statements he made over the summer.

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