Watch Johnny Manziel Rap Along to Drake’s “Back to Back” at His Former Teammate Mike Evans’ Wedding

Johnny Manziel doesn’t look too worried about the criminal investigation he’s facing.

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Johnny Manzielis currently under investigation as a result of some pretty serious domestic violence allegations, but that didn’t stop him from having some fun at a wedding for his former Texas A&M teammate Mike Evans last weekend. Manziel was reportedly one of the groomsmen at the wedding and delivered “one of the best speeches” during it, according to Evans himself. He also let loose by rapping along to Drake’s “Back to Back” with another one of his former college teammates Christine Michael, who posted this video to Instagram yesterday afternoon:

Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be a big deal at all. But given everything that’s happened with Manziel over the last month, doesn’t it seem like, at the very least, he should have tried to make an effort to stay out of a video that clearly shows him partying and having a good time?

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