Jay-Z Can Now Negotiate Contracts as a Licensed NBA Agent for Roc Nation Sports

Could Kevin Durant be his first client?

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Jay-Z is going to be a really, really busy man this summer. In addition to releasing his twelfth solo album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, next month, Hov is also on the brink of signing his first official NBA client through Roc Nation Sports. And yesterday, the Sports Business Journal revealed that he won't have to do it through Creative Artists Agency, the sports agency that Roc Nation Sports partnered up with back in April. That's because, as of this week, Jay-Z is officially licensed to be an NBA agent. So he will be able to sign new clients and negotiate on their behalf moving forward.

All of that being said, it's still a little unclear how soon Jay-Z will actually sign his first client (who, by the way, is widely rumored to be Kevin Durant). A source who spoke with ESPN.comyesterday revealed that Jay is still holding onto a small stake in the Brooklyn Nets, which means that he cannot serve as an NBA agent just yet due to an NBA rule that says team owners cannot be agents. But as soon as he unloads his stake in the Nets, he'll be free to start signing players immediately.

Look out, NBA. As if the NBA free agencyperiod wasn't going to be wild enough this summer thanks to Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, things just got a lot more interesting now that Jay is officially throwing his fitted hat into the ring. You ready?

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[via ESPN]

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