Watch Jay Z Call Chris Paul Out for Running the Same Play Four Times in a Row to Beat the Nets

The Nets couldn’t stop Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan’s pick-and-roll play.

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The Clippers beat the Nets 105-95 last night, but the game was actually much closer than the final score would indicate. The Clippers trailed the Nets at one point in the third quarter, and Brooklyn was within striking distance with just a few minutes remaining in the game. But then, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan ran the same pick and roll over and over and over again, and for whatever reason, the Nets didn’t adjust to it and the play kept working:

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After the final buzzer sounded, Jay Z—who was sitting courtside with Beyoncé—approached CP3 and talked to him about the play selection at the end of the game. He was caught asking CP3 about the pick-and-roll play that the Clippers kept running:

What’s that about? Well, if it keeps working, Jay, why not use it, right? Jay should have asked CP3 what the Clippers’ new mascot was about instead.

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