ESPN’s Herm Edwards Goes Off on Trevone Boykin During Speech to High School Football Stars

Talk about a teachable moment.

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For TCU fans, there’s not a whole lot of good that’s going to come out of their star quarterback Trevone Boykin getting suspended for the Alamo Bowl against Oregon after allegedly assaulting a police officer outside of a bar in San Antonio, Texas last night. But the incident may end up helping a handful of high school football stars who were in attendance at an Under Armour All-American Football Camp today.

ESPN’s Herm Edwards was scheduled to speak to the players this morning, and he wasted no time bringing up Boykin’s name. He talked briefly about the terrible decision Boykin reportedly made last night and then ripped him for putting himself above his team in that particular situation. And while we’re gonna go out on a limb here and say that Edwards’ words probably fell on a lot of deaf ears, there’s a good chance that at least one or two of the kids at the camp will take the lesson Edwards tried to teach and learn from it.

“He put his whole team in jeopardy,” Edwards said while speaking about Boykin, before turning his attention to the players seated around him. “When you do stuff like that, you let your teammates down. You let your parents down. You let the university you’re about to go to, you let them down. You don’t be that guy!

Listen to Edwards’ passionate speech in the video above. He didn’t get quite as, er, “enthusiastic” as he did during a rant that he went during an NFL Live segment earlier this month, but he was still pretty fired up.

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