Here's a Powerful Story About a Gay High School Wrestler Who Came Out During College Recruiting

Alec Donovan has an inspirational story.

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About four years ago, then-freshman high school wrestler Alec Donovan was seriously considering suicide. He was a promising young wrestler at Brick Memorial High School in Brick, N.J. But he was also trying to navigate his way through the world as a gay teenager. And he felt "worthless."

Fortunately, despite the fact that he wrote up a suicide note, Donovan didn't go through with his plan. He continued wrestling, received help from a close friend, and eventually came out to two of his wrestling teammates during his junior year at Brick. And this spring, after putting together a 39-1 record during his senior season, Donovan—now a top recruit in the wrestling world—also came out to a fellow recruit during a trip to Limestone College in South Carolina. He followed that up by coming out to the entire Limestone wrestling team and, eventually, to the entire world.

Donovan has a really inspirational story that's worth a read. He hasn't decided which college he's going to attend just yet. But assuming no other college wrestlers come out between now and next season, he will be the first openly gay college wrestler of all time when he suits up next season. You can read more about him here.

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