Erin Andrews Finally Responds to Being Videotaped Illegally

Your girl is pissed at one sports blog in particular.

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Erin Andrews isn't used to being on the other side of the microphone. But during a recent interview with Newsday concerning her former ESPN colleague and current St. John's head coachSteve Lavin, Andrews answered a few questions about the 2009 video that featured her being illegally taped in her hotel room. And she pulled no punches when she did it. "I read and saw everything," she said, before calling out a sports blog without naming it specifically. "A lot of people forget that there was a very big blog that had a huge part in causing all this damage....I had a lot of people in the blogosphere that knew that link was there that weekend and left it alone and one blog thought it would be hilarious to put it up...He absolutely devastated my family...I will never forget that weekend." Hmmm....we wonder who she could be talking about? [Newsday, via theScore]

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