Eli Manning Makes An Incredibly Pauseworthy Statement About His Wide Receiver's Package

During a nationally-televised game, no less.

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Eli Manning was understandably excited after his Giants beat the Rams on Monday Night Football last night. But that's no excuse for this. After the game, ESPN's Suzy Kolber asked Peyton's little bro about how the Giants were able to overcome so many early-season injuries to knock off the Rams and get their first W of the season. And he responded by talking to her about how guys like the G-Men's newest receiver Brandon Stokley—who just signed with the team last week and, therefore, didn't have many plays called for him at the beginning of the game—stepped up to help the team get a victory.

"He had a small package," Manning said of Stokley's first-half performance, "but all of a sudden his package got a lot bigger in the middle of the game."

Uh, yeah. We (kind of) see what you're trying to say here, but...PAUSE! Anybody ever tell you you've got a real way with words, Eli? [via The Big Lead]

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