Here's Donald Trump Telling Tom Brady to Sue the NFL for $250 Million

Donald Trump wants Tom Brady to take the NFL to court.

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Everyone is waiting for Tom Brady to react to the four-game suspension that the NFL gave him earlier this week. The thought is that he's going to appeal it. But he could also opt to take things one step further and get the legal system involved if he wants to.

That's exactly what Donald Trump is telling him to do. Trump made an appearance on SportsCenter this week to talk about it and revealed that he thinks Brady should sue the NFL—yes, sue the NFL—to the tune of $250 million. And he thinks that the league would settle so quickly, Brady's "head will spin":

Where did Trump come up with $250 million? We don't know. We also don't know why he thinks it would result in a quick settlement. But this is certainly one option for Brady. Anybody got any others?

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