Darren Sharper Will Have His Penis Monitored by Arizona Officials as Part of His Plea Deal

Darren Sharper is going to be subjected to penile monitoring after serving his time in jail.

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A lot of people think former NFL player Darren Sharper got off easy when he accepted several plea deals recently after being accused of rape in a handful of states, including Arizona, California, Louisiana, and Nevada, over the course of the last few years. And truth be told, he did. He's only going to have to serve about a decade in prison for being a serial rapist.

However, it's worth noting that Sharper will be subjected to some very strict guidelines once he's released from jail. Here's everything that he's going to have to do once he serves his time behind bars:

  • He will be tracked by California officials by GPS for the first three to five years after he's released.

  • He will be required to undergo sex offender treatment.

  • He will be prohibited from drinking alcohol or going to bars or liquor stores.

  • He will be banned from sex shops and Internet dating.

  • He will have to seek approval before traveling more than 50 miles from his home or spending a night away.

  • He will be forced to take "penile plethysmograph" tests in Arizona, during which a sensor will be attached to his penis to gauge his arousal level as sexual images are shown to him.

Damn. To be clear, Sharper deserves everything that he's got coming to him. What he did was (obviously) reprehensible. But the idea of a "penile plethysmograph" test sounds awful. And we still can't believe how far this guy has fallen since leaving the NFL.

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