Cowboys Fan Doesn't Regret Getting "World Champs 2015" Tattoo

This Cowboys fan says he isn't going to get his "World Champs 2015" tattoo removed.

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Back in August, devoted Cowboys fan Derek Allgood got a tattoo predicting that his favorite team would win the Super Bowl in 2015. It was a really bold move, especially when you consider that most NFL analysts didn't even pick Dallas to make the NFL Playoffs. But he got the tattoo anyway and even posted a picture of it to Twitter:


Unfortunately for him, his prediction did not come true. So much like a Lions fan who showed off a similar tattoo that he got for his favorite team back in July, Allgood is now going to be forced to alter his tattoo this offseason to reflect the fact that the Cowboys aren't the "World Champs" this year. Or is he?

Yesterday afternoon, shortly after a catch that was made by Dez Bryant was ruled incomplete by the referees towards the end of the Cowboys/Packers playoff game, Allgood sounded off on Twitter. He described the Cowboys' loss as "heartbreaking":


Heartbreaking is the only way to describe it

— Derek Allgood (@BMS_Derek) January 11, 2015

He seemed to insinuate that the referees overturning Bryant's catch was some sort of conspiracy:


Dez Didnt complete that catch and JFK was shot by a lone gunmen.

— Derek Allgood (@BMS_Derek) January 11, 2015

And he revealed that, despite the loss, he's not going to do anything to change the tattoo that he got last summer:


Not doing a damn thing too my tattoo. My prediction was flat out robbed from me. Im not gonna hang my head in shame over that bullshit.

— Derek Allgood (@BMS_Derek) January 11, 2015

Something tells us he'll change his mind in the coming weeks and months. Because, well, why wouldn't he eventually want to change his tatt?

But we'd give him a lot of credit for keeping his original tatt forever. If nothing else, it'd show other fans why tattoos should not be used for making sports predictions.


[via Barstool Sports]

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