Remember Dave Morian? The Lions fan who got inked back in June with a tattoo bearing the Detroit logo, a Lombardi trophy, and the phrase, "2015 Super Bowl Champs"? Yeah, this guy.

Poor Dave. After the Lions were jobbed out of the playoffs last Sunday, he's now feeling "disappointment...and then anger, and then disbelief" about his ill-fated ink, according to a report from WDIV Local 4 news in Detroit. Who wouldn't?

Lucky for Dave, his tattoo artists planned ahead. According to John Motyka, the man responsible for Dave's erroneous brand, the font on the tattoo is "designed in a way that could be altered and changed as the years went on."

"It could easily be changed to [2016]," Motyka added. "Hopefully that's all he has to do, just one alteration; and then Dave will be a hero next year." According to Local 4, Dave plans to do just that in the next week by crossing out the "2015" and then adding a "2016" below the original design.

Keep on keeping the faith, Dave. There's always next year...

[via CBS Sports]

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