Sorry, But Chris Bosh Will Not Have "Boshasaurus Rex" on the Back of His Jersey on Friday Night

Instead, he's going with...

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When the Miami Heat travel to New York City on Friday to take on the Brooklyn Nets, they will do so with some pretty interesting jerseys packed away in their bags. Those jerseys will feature Heat player's nicknames, instead of Heat player's last names, on the back of them. And while we've known about this idea for awhile now, the Heat hadn't revealed which nicknames all of their players were going to use on the backs of their jerseys…until now.

The Heat did let us know that Ray Allen would be sporting "Jesus Shuttlesworth" on the back of his jersey last month. They also let us know that LeBron James would be sporting—no surprise here—"King James" on the back of his jersey.But do you know which jersey we were really looking forward to seeing? Chris Bosh's jersey. Was he going to make up some stupid nickname like "The Boshinator" and stick it on the back of his jersey? Or was he going to poke some fun at himself and go with something like "Boshasaurus Rex" or "The Boshtrich"? The anticipation has been killing us! So when the Heat revealed all 15 of the nicknames that the Heat players will be wearing on their jerseys a little while ago, we couldn't wait to see what Bosh went with. We searched for the list, searched through it, found Bosh's name, annnnnnnd….

Oh. Bosh is going with—DRUMROLL, PLEASE!—"CB." How creative!

Not to worry, though. We won't get the chance to see "Boshasaurus Rex" on the court at the Barclays Center on Friday. But we will get to see "B Easy" (Michael Beasley), "Cole Train" (Norris Cole), "Sweet Lew" (Rashard Lewis), and our favorite "MoneyMase" (Roger Mason Jr.). To see the rest of the nicknames that are being used (Spoiler alert: We didn't leave any of the good ones out), head over here.

Are you as upset about Chris Bosh's lack of creativity as we are?

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