Yesterday, reports started circulating that the NBA would introduce "nickname jerseys" during one of the four match-ups between the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets this upcoming season. Is this just another ploy to snatch away more dollars or an example of great marketing? We're not trying to hear all of that, but it did have us thinking. Instead of wondering what nicknames the players from both teams will most likely choose—for example, King James or D-Willwe want to figure out what alias guys like, LeBron James and Deron Williams, should actually sport on the back of their respective unis. 

So, move over, "KG." Hello, "HONEY NUT." Oh, who's that, "JESUS SHUTTLESWORTH"? Nope, that's "BOSTON U MAD." Here is Gallery: What the Heat v. Nets Customized Jerseys Should Really Look Like.

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