Ray Allen made a name for himself early on in his NBA career with his performance in the classic He Got Game as Jesus Shuttlesworth. Allen is synonymous with the name. The Miami Heat will reportedly be wearing nickname jerseys against the Boston Celtics on January 21 and the Brooklyn Nets on both March 12 & April 6

Spike Lee made the announcement on his Instagram page that Allen will be wearing the Jesus Shuttlesworth nickname revealing the actual look that Allen will don on the court:

For A Few Select Games My Main Man Ray Allen Will Wear JESUS SHUTTLES WORTH On THe Back OF His Jersey. The Legend Of HE GOT GAME Continues To Grow.Da Greatest Joint About BALL Ever Made.YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF

Can Allen turn back the hands of time and turn into Jesus Shuttlesworth? We'll see, but the more important is if Denzel Washington will make a cameo appearance in the games that Allen wears the Shuttleworth jersey.

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[via sheltonjlee & Beyond The Buzzer]